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Email to unicode bookmarklet

Yesterday I obtain an e-mail with bugreport for some old script. So when I found out, that someone using it, I decided to create an bookmarklet for email conversion. It prevents a spam well. Email to Unicode bookmarklet


Universal sudoku solver bookmarklet

After two weeks I will post something new here. Few days ago I found at server linkuj.cz very interesting link: My fight with Hollanders. It is in czech language about the fight with excellent Neederland sudoku solver. This article persuade me to try make something more universal. First I search on web some good solver script, which is small and quick enough. I decided to use this sudoku solver. Then I build a skeleton of sudoku table, written as dom generated and css styled table. I add some features, like opacity changer, resizer and use one famous very old script for drag support. Then I develop something like next tabindex focus, it means, that when you write a nuber, it's automaticly goes to next cell. When you fill up the input with space it's move to next also. So you dot't have to use mouse to move in sudoku grid. For resizing I use a small script developed by Habendorf at czech discussion board Diskuse Jak Psát Web. So I hope I don't forget some credits and here is whole think Universal sudoku solver bookmarklet. Just add to your favorites, use at some sudoku site, drag across the sudoku grid there, resize it to suite to sudoku size, fill it up, make it opaque to control it and press solve. Sometimes you will have to allow script to makes website run slow, because it countings a lot, but it's matter on your computer. When it is solved, just make it again opaque, drag it to side and fill the original grid. But don't forget, that using your own brain is the best investment to your feature. Well this is my script just very partly, I just use few scripts founded on www and put them together as a puzzle. So thanks to all people, who made those parts.